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Sat 17
Mens 5th
Marden Russets 3
Ash strive hard but Marden better on the day

Ash strive hard but Marden better on the day

By Howard Smith
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Ash learn their lesson

The way results go in team sports can be habit forming. We have played straight after higher elevens twice this season, the 1s and 2s, and on both occasions our higher teams have won. And we have lost. So I’m firmly blaming the quirk of fixtures for this.
In fairness, Ash played well again, the flowing total hockey we are striving for was still in full evidence, but Marden refused to be over run and took their chances really well. A fair result, yes, probably.
The Gollan boys were excellent again, Parker took another step forward, and scored his statutory goal, easily his best of the season.
Doughnut of the day has to be Groot, who, before the game, unleashed his latest stick creation. Which actually looked like a frozen dribble from the nose of the Jolly Green Giant. So loud was his stick, that clearly we couldnt hear the instructions from Skippy about the game. So I’m blaming Groot too.
I could go on and on about lessons to be learned, we all know I could. So I’m not going too. We need to dust ourselves off and get our minds back for next Saturday.
One last stat for you, the triumvirate that came together to help with the 5s last year are Billane, Smith and Hurst. Since that point, three players have been carded whilst playing for the 5s. No prizes for guessing their names.
Thanks to Tony Wilkinson and Jon Steel for umpiring, and Ant Wellard for coaching.
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Match date

Sat 17, Nov 2018




Kent Open Premier C

League position

Burnt Ash 5
Marden Russets 3